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In 1993 Gary Scharich, with a hearing disability, opened the doors at Discount Mufflers & Brakes in Bay City. Located on the corner of Euclid and W. Midland street, they’re a locally-owned auto repair shop that specializes in under car repair.


With a combined 80 years experience, Gary and his team strive to offer honest service at affordable prices!


Along with quality and trustworthy brake and muffler repair, we also specialize in all things under-car, including steering and suspension, starters, shocks, struts, and so much more!


Give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop by today!

(989) 684-3700

Auto Repair Services

Low-Price Brake Repair

Whether your brakes feel “spongy” and soft, or they’re squealing as you come to a stop, our honest auto repair specialists can diagnose and repair your car’s brakes at a price you can afford.


Offering the latest in rust-prevention technology our zinc plated calipers and coated rotors last longer and perform better!

Affordable Muffler Repair

A broken muffler isn’t just noisy, it can also lead to major problems down the road! Our experienced mechanics in Bay City will inspect and fix your car’s muffler issues before they get any worse.


Offering Walker® Quiet-Flow mufflers with a Lifetime Warranty.


Our $25 daily oil special includes up to 5 quarts of 5W-30 synthetic blend oil, oil filter, and lube!


Price valid for most vehicles.

oil changes

During all full-service oil changes, we’ll top off fluids and inspect your vehicle for any safety concerns — something those quick change places skip!


We also carry a wide range of oil viscosities including full-synthetic oil changes, featuring Mobil 1™ and Royal Purple®, to help keep your vehicle performing better and longer!

Free Vehicle Inspections

Know something’s wrong with your car, but not quite sure what?


We offer free vehicle inspections and repair quotes! Schedule an appointment today or stop by and drop your vehicle off — most repairs can be made same-day!

All Of Our Services



Front-End Suspension



Oil, Lube, and Filters

Catalytic Converters




CV Joints & Drive Axles

We pride ourselves on providing premium brands and products for all auto repair services!


This includes MOOG® Problem Solver suspension parts, Monroe® shock and struts, and Walker® Quiet-Flow mufflers, which carry Lifetime Warranties.

MOOG Car Suspension Parts
MONROE Shocks & Struts
Walker Vehicle Exhaust
Discount Mufflers & Brakes: local auto repair Bay City

(989) 684-3700

Discount Mufflers & Brakes: local auto repair Bay City
Discount Mufflers & Brakes: local auto repair Bay City
Discount Mufflers & Brakes: local auto repair Bay City




Discount Mufflers & Brakes: local auto repair Bay City